Many street children don’t prefer to go to the Drop – In Center as they feel comfortable staying on the street because they want excess to freedom. There is a need to conduct street programs to reach out to as many street children as possible. It is very difficult and challenging task to work with the street children directly on the street. There are many street children who are suffering from various kinds of problems such as medical and psychological. Timely intervention is needed to circumvent health hazards amongst the street children.

Child Street to School runs a street work and outreach program in Kathmandu. It provides basic medical support on the street and established street proximity contact points and conducts programs regularly in all the places in order to reach to all the street children in Kathmandu. It conducts day and night fieldlings in different touristic and commercial areas in Kathmandu where street children can be met and accompanied through motivational and recreational activities operated by the organization.

Various kinds of educative, awareness and recreational sessions are conducted once a week for the street children within the Drop-In Center and outside the Drop- in Center. Such programs gradually allow the social workers to know much more about the children by having good relationship with the street children and street children slowly make up their mind and leave the streets and decide to go back to organization in order to be socialized and rehabilitated. Every week around 40 children participate in different programs inside the Drop In Center like awareness program, art program , music program, games competition program or outside the Drop- In Center like football/ various sport competitions, hiking, swimming, movie program, fun park program, zoo visit…


Invite and motivate as many street children as possible to use the night shelter facilities and stay in the Drop In Center.

Register new children who arrived on the street.

Provide first aid.

Create awareness among the children on issues like, children rights, sexual /physical / psychological abuse, health, hygiene, nutrition, drug addiction, sexual reproduction, HIV…


With your donations you are supporting

First Aid Kit 15 Euro (2 Kits Monthly needed.)

Blanket for a child 15 Euro.

One Awareness Program for 40 children (including one warm meal for every child) 100 Euro.

One Outreach/Recreational Program for 40 children (including one Warm meal for a child ) 100 Euro.

Our Account:

Child Street to School
IBAN: CH8200774010091105600
Bank: Graubündner Kantonalbank
CH-7002 CHUR
BC-Nr: 774

You can as well donate items like books, clothes (new or used), blankets, copies, colors, music instruments…

Thank you for your support.

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