CHILD Street to School runs different complementary projects for the children. It operates a drop – in center, night shelter,
medical clinic, transit home and outreach program for the street children in Kathmandu, Nepal.


The welcome center / drop – in center is located close to Thamel keeping in mind the easy access to the center for the street children. Children are welcomed in the drop – in center throughout the day and are motivated and encouraged to participate in different psychosocial activities through alphabetization classes, indoor games, recreational and motivational program. Children are provided with basic medical support, food and clothes.

The drop – in center is used as a night shelter during the night time so that it can provide accommodation to the street children. It encourages the street children to sleep in the night shelter rather than sleeping on the street which is completely hazardous and insecure for the children. Children are provided with a space to sleep in the night shelter comfortably and children are also provided with basic medical care and food. Children from all over the places of Kathmandu are welcomed in the night shelter.


Child Street to School Nepal operates a medical clinic at the back of the drop – in center for the street children as many street children are suffering vulnerably in the street from various sorts of medical problems. The children are brought in the medical clinic through the day and night fielding on the street.


The transit home for the street children and high risk children is a home where boys from the drop – in center Kopila Ghar are referred for the rehabilitation and re- socialization. Other vulnerable groups are also referred to the transit home from different places, trafficked boys and lost boys found by police. Different kinds of rehabilitative and psychosocial programs are conducted daily for the boys in the transit home. Children live in a healthy, homely and familiar atmosphere in the transit home until their family is found and they are reintegrated back to their family. All the boys in transit home regularly go to school.


Transit home for girls Kopila Filosofiska is a home for girls under high risk. All girls in the home were regular visitors in the drop-in center Kopila Ghar. They come from poor and difficult family background, and were deprived from education. The main objective of this prevention project is to provide safe , healthy environment and education for the girls. It´s a prevention program so the girls don´t end up on the street. Different kinds of rehabilitative and psychosocial programs are conducted daily for the girls in the transit home . All the girls in the transit home are admitted to School.


Child Street to School runs a street work and outreach program in Kathmandu and Patan through the field works, social workers, street educators and volunteers of the organization. It provides basic medical support on the street and established street proximity contact points and conducts programs regularly in all the places in order to reach to all the street children in Kathmandu. It conducts day and night fieldlings in different touristic and commercial areas in Kathmandu where street children can be met and accompanied through motivational and recreational activities operated by the organization.