KOPILA GHAR – Drop-In-Center and Night Shelter for Street Children


Direct Welcome Center ( Drop-in-Center) and Night Shelter for Street Children in Kathmandu Nepal.

Kopila Ghar is the first contact point for the street children, where name and address of the street children is registered.


  • Street Work
  • Night Shelter
  • First Aid and Medical Support
  • Nutrition Program
  • Non Formal Education
  • Psychological Support
  • Recreational Program


  • Hygiene Program
  • Literacy Program
  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Music Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Sports Activities


Art Therapy
Art therapy allows the children to express their troubled feelings without words. Their drawings will show us their past life, their dreams and fears but also eventual signs of maltreatment and abuse.

Play Therapy
Play therapy provides the children the way to express their experiences and feelings. The play therapy helps the child to overcome internal anxieties, aggressions and change disturbing behavior. The child plays freely while therapist observes, asks questions and makes suggestions.

Music Therapy
Music affects children emotions. Music therapy helps the children to express their feelings , to release internal tensions, to open up and finally to relax. Music can also be helpful to increase academic skills of the children.